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I've been remiss

I've been quite remiss at posting.  At guess that is what happens when you are newly married, take a nice long honeymoon, the spring real estate season is in fully swing and you have to make a serious decision on what to do with the cancer growing inside you.

On June 15th I had my yearly biopsy, a little early because my PSA results had come back extremely high, indicating a possible increase in growth of the tumor.  On July 10, I had my consultation of the results and there had indeed been growth and the discussion of what type of treatment or surgery needed to take place.  After Steve & I spoke with my urologist (surgeon) and with my 2 radiation oncologists, it was decided that I was not a good candidate for radiation and that the best option for me was to go ahead and have the surgery.  So, on August 16th, I had a radical prostatectomy at Duke.  According to my surgeon, Dr. Judd Moul, my surgery went extremely well and was practically a textbook example of how it was done. …

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